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About Us


Jimmy Arnold began his career in affordable housing in 1985. Over the course of the next 22 years Mr. Arnold operated affordable and workforce housing communities across the country, the last 15 of which were for the REIT AIMCO as the Regional Vice President of the Western Affordable Region. At its peak this portfolio consisted of 155 communities with over 12,000 units located in 22 states. In 2009 Mr. Arnold took over the struggling operation of the Eureka Multifamily Group portfolio. As a ground up re-build of the management company Mr. Arnold, along with the CFO Stewart Grounds, expanded Eureka business by over 500% to just under 10,000 units establishing a name and reputation for quality operations.

Mr. Arnold and Mr. Grounds, as Arnold-Grounds Apartment Management & Affordable Housing Specialists, from their headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, now manage over 64 properties and 5,300 affordable units located in 11 states.

"We're problem solvers. Arnold-Grounds has succeeded because we knew we could be successful operationally where others failed. It's not a secret sauce, it knowing how, when, and what to do. Now we're making these talents available to both other for profit and non-profit owners alike. We like challenges." Jimmy K. Arnold.